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REFER A FRIEND PROMOTION – Our February 13 – Apr 13 promotion could land you months of free service. Here is how it works. Refer 1 Friend: 2 FREE WEEKS – Refer 2 Friends: 3 FREE WEEKS (in addition to the 2 free weeks) – Refer 3 Friends: 1 FREE MONTH (in addition to the 5 free weeks) – Refer 4 or More: 3 FREE WEEKS for each addition referral over 3 (in addition to the 5 free weeks and free month of service).

If you have a great network we could be servicing your lawn for FREE for months to come.  Heck, post it on your Facebook page and see were that gets you.  The person you refer just needs to mention your name when they sign up for service.

*Free weeks are awarded 1 free service a month per month per referral, no limits on number of people you can refer.

2 FREE WEEKS Every new weekly residential dog waste removal service client receives 2 FREE WEEKS of service.  If you are paying monthly you receive 1 FREE WEEK a month for your 1st 2 months of service.  If you take advantage of our 3 month prepay with a 10% discount you will receive both free weeks on your first invoice.

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