Pricing- Dog Poop Removal Service Colorado

pet waste removal pricing for 1 dog, 2 dogs and 3 dogs starting at $9 per service



All Natural Pet Odor Removal:

Duty Free Pets Colorado’s professional pet waste removal service company pricing for dog odor removal depends on the size of the area. 20’x20′ area 1st time application is $25. Follow-up services within a month is $15. For larger areas the price varies depending on the size usually equaling $10 per 15’x15′ additional area. (more)

Want Free Dog Waste Removal Service?

We give all of our new weekly residential clients 2 FREE services just for signing up.  But wait there is more.  When you refer a friend you get 2 more free days for every friend you refer.  Duty Free Pets often runs specials to give you even more FREE service. Click Here for Pooper Scooper Promotions that could allow you to have free service for months to come.

Affordable, reliable, and convenient Colorado pooper scooper service since 2006. These are estimates of pricing for Colorado dog poop removal. Variables that could effect pooper scooper pricing include but are not limited to: size of lawn, dog using areas other than grass, hard to reach areas, unkempt lawns, and excessive irregular poop.  Most lawns serviced do fall into these estimates. However, the above factors could effect the pricing.

How do we bill?:

Duty Free Pets Colorado’s pooper scooper service does our billing online with invoices in your inbox. You may choose to pay either monthly or 3 month billing.  The 3 month option includes a 10% discount for service.

We make it easy to pay:  You may pay online with any major credit card, online with your bank account, online via PayPal, check, or money order.