Bad Weather Policy – Colorado’s Pooper Scooper Service

Dog Poop Clean-up BoulderPooper Scooper Service Bad Weather Policy

At Duty Free Pets Pooper Scooper Service we do our best to provide reliable service. Sometimes Colorado weather keeps us from performing or completing our routes. If bad weather causes us to miss your weekly or 2x per week service day you will receive a service credit. If weather causes us to miss every other week servicing we will generally come out the following week on the same service day as to not make it a month before we service your lawn.

What type of weather could keep us from servicing your lawn? Snow, sleet, rain, below freezing temperatures and lightning can shut down service but not often!

Rain, sleet and lightning have only kept us from servicing 5 times since 2006 with three of those days during the great flood of 2013. Arctic weather with temperatures below 20 degrees and gusting winds have rarely prevented us from being able to service in the past. Snow however can be a scooper’s arch nemesis.

How do we evaluate when to not service because of snow? Often the snow in Colorado can be here today and gone tomorrow which is tricky for a scooper. If there is decent snow accumulation that has fallen within 48 hours of your service this may prevent us from coming out.

Our snow policy is contingent on how much snow has fallen and what type of weather we have surrounding the storm. If we are not able to find the poop there is really no sense in scooping.

There are several days during the winter when light amounts of snow falls and we still come out and service. If this is the case we are not able to offer our Poo Free Guarantee. The reason for this is simple. We are only able to scoop what we see. Often snow melts after we leave exposing buried poops. Rest assure that the next service day that the poop is exposed we will make sure your pet has a healthy and clean environment.

How much do we credit in case of snow? We give you a credit for 1/2 the cost of service. Why is it only a 1/2 credit? There are several reasons for this. The main reason is that there is twice the amount of poop when we come back out! This is also our price structure for service. For example, if your weekly service is $10 per week your price for every other week service is generally $15 the same as a 1/2 credit on weekly service.

We do our best to never miss your lawn 2 weeks in a row due to weather. If it looks like a storm is setting up which would cause us to miss service 2 weeks in a row we may come out earlier in the week so the poop doesn’t keep piling up.

If you have any questions or comments about our bad weather service policy please email or give us a call. We value your business and want to make sure you are happy with our service.

Thanks from all of us at Duty Free Pets Pooper Scooper Service!