Holiday Policy

Holiday Service Policy

Duty Free Pets Colorado’s pooper scooper service does take a few holidays off during the year. These include Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, 4th of July, Easter and Labor Day. Just like you we enjoy spending these holidays with our friends and family.

When holidays are in the winter there is not a lot we can do to makeup service with limited hours in the day. In the summer we know holidays are prime for entertaining and we do our best to service your lawn before the holiday. This is based on scheduling availability. If we are not able to preform a pre-service  or if you have 2x per week service the holiday might cause us to miss your service. If that is the case we do give a holiday service credit.

How much is a holiday credit? We give you a credit for 1/2 the cost of service. Why is it only a 1/2 credit? There are several reasons for this. The main reason is that there is twice the amount of poop when we come back out! This is also our price structure for service. For example, if your weekly service is $10 per week your price for every other week service is generally $15 the same as a 1/2 credit on weekly service. If you have 2x per week service and your price for service is $8 per service your credit will be $4. This total of $12 for that week would be the same total as if you were having your lawn serviced only 1x per week.