FAQ pages are too long and I don’t know if I can find an answer to my question. Can I just call or email you?:
Yes! Duty Free Pets Colorado’s pooper scooper + dog poop pick up service welcomes any way of communication that makes your life easier. That is our job.

How often do you come out?: Usually, we can come out as often as you like. Most of our residential and commercial service clients have their lawns cleaned of dog poop weekly or 2x a week. Other service options include 1x a month, and 1 time services.

What is your Poo Free Guarantee?: We stand behind our dog poop pick up service. If for any reason you feel like we did not perform our job properly Duty Free Pets Colorado’s dog waste removal service will be more than happy to come back out for a follow-up. You do need to contact us within 48 hours of service. If we are unable to come out we will offer a solution to make you happy. There are certain situations we cannot stand behind including if your gate is locked, lawn not accessible, snow on the ground, leaves covering lawn  or your lawn is unkempt. (call for guarantee details)

What isn’t covered by the Poo Free Guarantee?: The most important aspect of the PooFree Guarantee is that you are happy with our service and report any problems within 48 hours of service. We can only scoop what we can see. Factors that could keep us from finding the dog poop in the yard are Unkempt Lawns / Tall Grass, Aeration / Plugs, Fallen Leaves, Early Day Snow Storms / Snow Storms, In-operable Gates and Overgrown Bushes. Sometimes it is necessary for us to charge more if these conditions continue. We will always give clients notice before service if we intend to increase the price until the issue is resolved.

What happens in case of bad weather?: We do our best to be reliable however weather can slow us down and can sometimes prevent us from servicing your lawn. Snow and rain can sometimes keep us from servicing your lawn. If we do miss a service because of weather we do give you a service credit for the missed day. Click here for complete information on our weather policy.

How much is the weather service credit?: Weather service credits for days we are not able to come out is usually half of the service cost. We do not give a full credit because there is 2x the amount of dog waste when we come back out. Commercial service properties do not receive weather credits.

How do I know you have been out?: 1st, all the dog poop will have magically disappeared. 2nd, we leave a “scooped” card on or within view of your back door. This card informs you of the day we came out, who your technician is, reminds you of our PooFree Guarantee + finally it has a $20 gift for you to give to a friend.

Can my dog(s) be in the lawn when you service?: It is one of the most aspects of our job and the safety of your pets and our technicians. If your dogs feel safe with us in the lawn we always welcome the wagging of a tail and a friendly bark hello. We even bring all natural treats for your pets. We have heard countless times “he/she gets so excited when you guys come out.

What happens if a holiday falls on my scheduled day?: Even the pooper scooper takes a holiday or two. If your regular scheduled service falls on a holiday and we are not able to do a makeup service you will receive a holiday credit. The holiday credit is similar to a missed weather day. Click here for complete information on our holiday policy.

My dog doesn’t use the lawn, what else do you service?: Duty Free Pets Colorado’s pooper scooper company services everywhere dogs do their business; With an exception of in your home. We clean poop from gardens, rocks, dog runs, cement, artificial turfs and surfaces. You name it we can clean it.

What if my dog has diarrhea?: Cleaning dog diarrhea is a problem for everybody including the professionals. But we do our best. More importantly diarrhea in dogs can also be an indicator of other problems that could involve a trip to the vet. Most diarrhea we see in yards is diet related. Many dogs that have constant diarrhea are overfed or have protein allergies. If you have not asked your vet to check your dog for food allergies you might want to do so.

As a professional dog poop clean-up service our clients need to know that dog diarrhea cannot be cleaned 100% and with just a shovel. If your dog has been sick you might need to add our antibacterial / odor spray to your service.

Please note that we will do our best to remove all of the dog diarrhea we can. However, there is often some left and even loss to the lawn.

Can I have my lawn mowed before you come out?: Yes, most of the time whether your lawn is mowed before the service does not change our service. It is easier for your lawn crew if we service before they do.

I don’t mow that much is this a problem?: Unkempt lawns can be a problem for us. We Duty Free Pets pooper scooper service can still perform a systematic sweep and removal of the dog poop. However, if the lawn is untidy and grass unkempt we cannot give you our PooFree Guarantee but we will still do our best.

Unkempt lawn policy (leaves, trash, debris and overgrown grass): We can only scoop what we see. We are not able to offer our Poo Free Guarantee or completely clean the poop from your lawn if we are unable to find it. Click here for a details on our unkempt lawn policy.

My gate does not work properly can you still service my lawn?: Yes, we service lawns with some pretty tricky and rigged gates. The most important part of our job is to make sure your dog does not leave your lawn because of our service. For liability purposes, if your gate does not work properly we will have you sign a release stating that you have been made aware of the malfunction in your gate.

Should I unlock my gate?: Yes. While we are an experts on keeping your gate closed we are not Houdini and do not jump fences. If you usually keep your gate locked please make sure it is not so on our service days. We can lock it when we leave at your request. If it is we will charge you for the visit. The best solution to this if you do not want to always unlock your gate is to give us a key or the combination to your lock.

My gate is not accessible from outside I need to let you in how do we arrange this?: With the amount of lawns we service (usually 25-35 per tech a day) Duty Free Pets is not able to guarantee a specific time or service window on the days we are scheduled to clean. Sometimes we are there in the mornings and others in the late afternoon. We will do our best to work within your schedule however, this could drastically increase the cost of service. If you are a stay at home or work from person and will be there all day we have no problems knocking at your door for you to let us in.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?: No. But we are sure once we make your lawn Duty Free that you will be with us a long time. We do need you to sign a service agreement that allows us into your lawn and gives the terms of our service.

What if I go vacation or the dog won’t be home for weeks?: Just let us know 24hrs before your service day. We can start and stop your service whenever you need us to. We are here (or not) for you and your pet.

It has been a long time since my lawn has been cleaned what are the usual 1st time charges?: If your lawn hasn’t been cleaned in some time there will be a 1st time service charge. We can give you a verbal estimate over the phone or through email. We will stick to the estimated price unless we inform you of a new cost before initial 1st time / 1x dog poop pick up service.

How does your referral program work?: We give you 2 free weeks of service for everyone you refer. Just make sure they mention you when they start their service. They still get a referral discount  and you will get up to 2 weeks free of regular weekly service. Refer 10 people and get 20 weeks free! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

How does your billing work?: Duty Free Pets Colorado’s professional pooper scooper service company has 2 billing options. 1 month, and 3 months prepaid billing. You may pay by credit card or personal check. You may even set up recurring payments to your credit card. For 3 months prepay we give a 10% discount.

If I set up recurring payments how do you keep my credit card secure?: Duty Free Pets Colorado’s pet waste removal service does not keep your credit card number. We use a secure payment service that only allows us to see the last for digits and expiration date of your card. There is never a worry.

What do you do with all that poop?: We take it all with us. Duty Free Pets is continually working to find an environmentally friendly ways to dispose of all of the dog poop. Sometimes, 1st time services with excessive amounts of dog waste it may be necessary to leave the waste bagged and tied off at your property or charge a 1 time disposal fee.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?: No. But we are sure once we make your lawn Duty Free that you will be with us a long time. We do need you to sign a service agreement that allows us into your lawn and gives the terms of our service.

What if I move out of your area?:  That’s easy just search this great resource by clicking on this link. Pooper Scooper Boulder – Find a pooper scooper any in the United States easily at the Poop-soops nationwide directory!

Do you offer support or discount for active service?:  Yes we a 5% – 10% discount depending on your service and payment period.
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