Dangers of Dog Poop & Health Risks

The Dangers of Dog Poop:

If dog poop / waste is not removed or handled properly it can become a source of illness for you, your family, and your furry friends. Children and pregnant women are most at risk. Properly removing the waste is the only way to greatly reduce your risks.

Many people mistakenly believe that dog poop will break down over time and can act as a fertilizer. Both of these assumptions couldn’t be further from truth. Dog waste can actually take over a year to break down while microorganisms from your dog’s digestive tracks are transferred to your lawn and surrounding vegetation.

Traditional Composting Does Not Work for Dog Poop!

Traditional composting does not raise the heat high enough to effectively kill the bacteria and parasites. Not to mention the resulting compost is so high in nitrogen it attracts invasive plant species such as weeds which choke out your lawn and other vegetation.

The Risks Associated With Dog Poop:

      • Tape Worms
      • Canine Parvovirus (CPV)
      • Salmonellosis
      • E. Coli (fecal coliforms)
      • Toxocariasis
      • Campylobacteriosis
      • Giardia
      • Roundworms

Most of our pooper scooper customers choose to have their lawns cleaned on a weekly or twice a week basis. However, our pooper scooper service also includes bi-weekly cleanings, one time a month cleans, and one time services. No matter which option you choose you can count on Duty Free Pets dog poop removal service to make you life easier and more enjoyable.

All Natural Bacteria and Odor Removal:

Tired of that smell? Does your dog go in the same spot over and over again leaving a offensive and embarrassing smell? Duty Free Pets Colorado’s dog waste removal service can rid you of that odor.This is the same all natural bacteria and odor removal we use on our commercial customers inside their kennels and boarding facilities. (more about odor and bacteria elimination)